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Health & Sustainability Fair - Flea Market

Are you a both a foodie and a health buff?

You can look forward to guilt-free, #eatclean indulgences at the flea market! Chomp on gluten-, diary- and refined sugar-free baked goods from Oh My Goodness!, The GTCL Company and more. Ladies - fill your purse with artisanal natural makeup products from local beauty brand Suii Naturals.

Participating Vendors


All Good Things

It all started with a belief that wellness doesn't require monumental change in lifestyle. We can begin by being conscious about the type of food we eat, the products we put on our skin and the items we come into contact with at home.



"Paleo" comes from the word "Paleolithic", referring to humans during the caveman era. At Bakening, everything is Paleo/Primal and Vegetarian, sometimes Vegan. Food are free from gluten, dairy, refined/artificial sugar, grains, soy, additives, colourings and preservatives.


Balm Kitchen

A botanical-based skincare and body care in Singapore, Balm Kitchen combines gentle yet effective ingredients with cosmetic formulation science techniques to create the best Nourishing Skin Food for you and your family!


Banyan Tamarind Foods

Inspired by The Banyan Tamarind Initiative started in India, Banyan Tamarind Foods brings you on an adventure with a scrumptious and finger-licking meal by combining ingredients from all over the world!


Cerana Honey

Have you heard of Southeast Asian honey? Climate in this region ensures there is no lack of tropical fruits and flowers, making it conducive for beekeeping and sustainable honey-making. Get a jar for yourself here!


Daily Acai

Pronounced as ah-saa-eeeee, the Acai berry is native to the Amazon and is high in omegas and antioxidants. If you haven't tried an Acai smoothie, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon!


ETL No.9

Known for its superb ability to remove pesticides on conventional produce, ETL No.9 is an eco-sustainable initiative founded by GTL World in 2013 to promote sustainable and toxin-free living.


Forest of Green

Get healthy snacks, granolas and cookies made from scratch and crafted by hand!


Fossa Chocolate

High quality cacao beans are roasted, cracked, winnowed and refined into chocolate, which are moulded into bars and individually packaged by hand. Taste the unique flavours and nuances of these chocolates and confections!


Green Ninja

The world is their training grounds and some of their everyday moves include:

  • Rolling the ball of a practical and wholesome sugar-free vegan lifestyle
  • Slicing and sharing their green pie of knowledge
  • Whipping minds on controversies that impact the living things on their training grounds

GTC Life (Pili Pushers)

At the foot of majestic volcanoes in the lush rainforests of the Philippines, Pili trees have been growing for centuries. Today, Pili Pushers bring you this delicious superfood – pili nuts.



Nutrinest provides 100% raw, unheated, untreated bee products such as raw honey, honey in comb, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis to everyone.


NZ Fulvic

NZfulvic is a mineral-rich tonic extracted from New Zealand’s core to maintain and support your immune system. It replenishes our bodies with essential minerals we need to promote the absorption of nutrients, support immunity, support mental alertness, increase energy and cleanse the body of toxins.


Oh My Goodness!

Everything here is gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or tea, Oh My Goodness! has something for your platter, bread basket, cookie jar or pantry.


Ola Bites

Join us in creating a wave of happiness through wholesome foods. These innocently clean snacks are a great way to start your day and anytime in between!



Having good food is essential for our well-being of brain, body and heart. QUIRC brings to you healthy quinoa cakes to fuel your brain and strengthen your heart.


Raw Living Asia

As the health conscious community in Asia grows, Raw Living Asia hopes to be a touch-point for different members of the optimal health community by bringing almonds, granolas and walnuts to you.



A Singapore brand, Suiinaturals offers artisanal colour makeup with zero chemical nasties, including natural lipstick in tubes and multi-functional lip and cheek palettes.


The Juicy Way

Satisfy your palate with the most unique taste and enrich your vision with the most amazing galactic colours with beautiful, layered and colourful fruit juices in a bottle!


Tinee Dino

See the humorous side of life with Tinee Dino - a tiny vegetarian dinosaur who loves all the hip health and fitness activities in the world. Grab these adorable notebooks and cards and spread the positivity!